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The world's first one-stop-shop online marketplace for bricks and mortar retail.

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Revolutionising bricks
& mortar shopping

Bricks and mortar (“local”) retail is the biggest retail marketplace on the planet. Well over two thirds of shoppers still make their purchases over the counter in a physical retail store or online via their website.

Yet bizarrely bricks and mortar trading as a collective force has been ignored in today’s digital age and no one-stop-shop online marketplace / search engine represents them.

Well that is all about to change. 6 years building the necessary technology, zellebrate is about to release the world’s first genuinely localised retail marketplace worldwide.

New era

No longer will local retailers be treated as second class citizens when compared to the online-only giants currently dominating our digital airwaves.

zellebrate signifies unification of traditional shopping and the beginning of a whole new era of greater connectivity into their dominant consumer base.

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The zellebrate app

coming soon

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The new zellebrate app and website will be released during April ’21 across the UK, then the USA and Australia in the months after. Canada and the rest of the world will follow from early 2022 onwards.

About zellebrate

zellebrate was the vision of founders Chris Russell and Karl Bennett 6-7 years ago.

They figured “local” retail would need to be digitised and united under a single online platform worldwide if it was to fight back against the growing online-only retail boom.

After relentlessly building and testing new technology over the years that followed zellebrate is complete and now about to roll out around the world.

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zellebrate vision

$10 trillion is spent by consumers each year on locally sold products – 4 to 5 times the sales of all the online-only retail giants (including Amazon) combined.

​So an online platform dedicated to bricks and mortar retail – with all the attributes and features of these successful online retailers – would surely enable local shopping to fight back.

Welcome to zellebrate.

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Transforming local shopping

There are 10s of billions of shopping trips and visits to websites a year looking for products being sold by bricks and mortar retailers. zellebrate’s vision is to save time and money for all those shoppers whilst at the same time making local shopping more fun.

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zellebrate team

Chris Russell

Chris Russell

CEO & co-founder

Chris (a qualified engineer) has 10 plus years in bricks and mortar retail; 25 years inventing IT solutions; 7 years in the UK partnering with one of London’s top internet technology groups (The Aspect Group) at the turn of the century; has a flair for managing extremely complex projects; and has a history of seeing gaps in the marketplace years ahead of everyone else.

Karl Bennett

Karl Bennett

CTO & co-founder

Karl (Bachelor of Science) has 35 years implementing and managing complex IT solutions. He has run coding teams for 25 years and has built and managed applications managing 100s of millions of dollars. He also spent many years conceiving, building and managing complex apps for Corporates – especially geo-locational apps.

Leonid Vaner

Leonid Vaner

Lead Programmer

Leonid is responsible for the cutting edge technological evolution of zellebrate, particularly from a cloud technology perspective. He would easily rate as one of the best coders in Australia and is known for his ability to solve any problem.

Bruno Campos

Bruno Campos

Lead Programmer

Bruno is responsible for ensuring the evolution and maintenance of zellebrate from a server and database design perspective. Bruno is also a seriously experienced coder and there is nothing he doesn’t know about databases, particularly from a cloud perspective.

Indrajeet (Indy) Mukherjee

Indrajeet (Indy) Mukherjee

CEO zellebrate UK

Indy will head up zellebrate’s commercialisation in 2021. He recently built an online marketplace from the ground up in the UK and turned it into a multi-million pound success story. He will now be doing same for zellebrate but on a scale a hundredfold bigger – zellebrate obviously already has the technology base so he is not starting from scratch this time however.